Dr Roberto S Moura

Dr. Roberto S. Moura, MD, PHD

Graduated in Medicine from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1961). Associate Professor at UFRJ (1967). Research training in Pharmacology (1960 - 1961) at the Department of Pharmacology Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine London University. Graduate training as a Fellow in Research (1964 - 1965) at The Cleveland Clinic Educational Foundation, in Ohio, United States, where he worked with Dr. Irvine Page and published an article in the prestigious journal Science, whose results showed, for the first time, the development of arterial hypertension with continuous injection of subpressor dose of Angiotensin.

Later, he did a new post-doctorate at the United States Mayo Clinic (1986) and also at the University of London, England, where he remained in the early 70s.
Visiting Professor at the Department of Pharmacology, Institute of Biology Roberto Alcântara Gomes, State University of Rio de Janeiro. He has experience in the field of pharmacology, with an emphasis on cardiovascular and medicinal plant pharmacology. It works mainly on the following topics: hypertension, vasospasm, endothelium, nitric oxide, EDHF, antinociception, plants rich in polyphenols and research aimed at obtaining new patents.

He was responsible for filing seven patents with the National Institute of Intellectual Property, two of which were filed with the Patent Cooperation Treat PCT. His studies have been published in over 50 papers in national and international journals. Also responsible for the implementation and recognition of the Postgraduate Course in Pharmacology at UFRJ.

He participated in numerous commissions (Biopharmacy Commission, CRAME, etc.) of the Ministry of Health that normalized the medicine policy in Brazil before the advent of ANVISA. He served as a member of the Superior Council of FAPERJ for several years. In 1981, he received a medal of recognition for his research activities from the CNPq.

He is a reviewer for the following journals: Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology; Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology; Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research; British Journal of Pharmacology; Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology; Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior.

On the occasion of his candidacy for Full Member of the National Academy of Medicine, he presented a memoir entitled “Serotonin Receptors and Motility of Schistosoma Mansoni”.



Dr Luis Pianowsky

Dr Luiz Pianowsky, MD, PHD

Researcher, Pharmacist who stands out in the world scientific scenario on research on HIV (AIDS), cancer, metabolic syndrome and herbal medicine.

Internationally renowned specialist in herbal medicine development
Pharmacist (from the State University of Ponta Grossa-PR) PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Porto Former Industrial Director of Laboratório Hebron S/A Former R&D Director of Laboratórios Aché National and International Speaker Participated in the scientific council of Aché for 6 years.

Consultant at Laboratório Catarinense Participated in the R&D of several products on the market such as: Acheflam, Giamebil, Prostokos, Brefus, Soyfemme, Sintocalmy, Bromelin with propolis, etc... General coordinator of the AM10 research for cancer (veloz)

Pharmacist graduated in Industrial Pharmacy from USF - Bragança Paulista.
He worked in the immunology department at Hemocentro-Unicamp with Dr. Mary Luci de Souza Queiroz and in 2007 at CPQBA-Unicamp in the Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (DQOF) division with Dr. Vera Rehder.

Owner of Kyolab, developing research on phytomedicines, including production and standardization of plant extracts, isolation and identification of active substances.