Brazilian Scientists Announce Major Scientific Breakthrough with Acai Seed Extract

Wednesday, January 5th 2022


Power Seed Acai

Brazilian scientists Dr. Roberto S. Moura, MD, Ph.D., and Dr. Luiz Pianowsky, MD, Ph.D., are excited to announce a major scientific breakthrough in using the acai seed extract with the introduction of a product named Power Seed Acai in the US Market. Two Brazilian scientists and a team of passionate, knowledgeable researchers have just uncovered a scientific breakthrough that will change the way that metabolic disease is treated. Relying on one of the most powerful antioxidants globally, Power Seed Acai can help with everything from metabolic syndrome, heart disease, health management, and more.

Power Seed Acai is made from acai seed extract with many well-known benefits. However, the extent to which health can be improved through its use has recently been uncovered by Brazilian scientists Dr. Roberto S. Moura, MD, Ph.D., and Dr. Luiz Pianowsky, MD, Ph.D.

Acai is one of the most effective antioxidants found in nature. The fruit and its pulp are consumed throughout the U.S. as part of a healthy diet. It is also found in powder or capsule form as a supplement. However, the seed is where much of the benefit of acai can be found.

The acai seed has 50 times more polyphenols than the pulp. This is the component of acai that is responsible for its antioxidant, plant-based power.

Acai use has been a common part of treatment modalities in the Amazon and among Indigenous populations. Now, the entire world is learning of its power, and Power Seed Acai is the ideal product for effective delivery of the extract.

Dr. Moura and Dr. Pianowsky utilized their exhaustive collective medical research and pharmacology backgrounds to pioneer their approach. Relying on a decade of research and more than 400 scientific studies and clinical trials, Drs. Moura and Pianowsky created a proprietary extraction process for a revolutionary acai seed extract that will help with a host of health-related issues.

Power Seed Acai is a revolutionary product that can help with high cholesterol and slow metabolism. It also helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol and helps with insulin resistance. It also decreases the amount of abdominal fat gathered at the midsection and helps to increase energy. The product aids in vasodilation, optimal for sports and exercise enthusiasts.

Dr. Pianowsky notes that Power Seed Acai is an “absolutely unparalleled scientific innovation. A 100% natural nutritional supplement that revolutionizes metabolic health!”

About the Scientists

Dr. Moura and Dr. Pianowsky are renowned in medical research, pharmacology, and herbal medicine. Dr. Moura has been published in more than 50 national and international journals and is responsible for implementing the postgraduate course in pharmacology at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He has also served on numerous commissions in Brazil, helping to create significant medicine policy in Brazil prior to the creation of ANVISA.

Dr. Pianowsky is a pharmacist with an extensive background in cancer, HIV/AIDS, metabolic syndrome, and herbal medicine research. As part of his consulting work, Dr. Pianowsky has helped bring several key medicine products to market. He is the owner of Kyolab, which engages in research on phytomedicines and has been involved in the production and standardization of numerous plant extract products.

Power Seed Acai is made from 100% natural organic ingredients and is affordable to control metabolic health. Millions of people have already benefited from the use of acai to address health issues, and this product will raise its efficacy that much more.

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