L-Arginine for Erectile Dysfunction: There is a Better Option!

L-Arginine for Erectile Dysfunction: There is a Better Option! - Power Seed

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions of men, causing stress, lowering self-confidence, and reducing quality of life. Most medications for treating ED require a prescription. These medications can be expensive, and may cause a variety of uncomfortable side effects, ranging from back pain to temporary vision loss. Some say that these prescription drugs are the only option for ED treatment. Others point to a variety of natural, over the counter supplements for treating this condition. One such supplement is the amino acid L-arginine, which became very popular in the last years.

L-arginine, like other amino acids, is a component of proteins. Besides its role in making proteins, L-arginine is also used in the production of the gas nitric oxide. It is this function that makes L-arginine useful for treating ED. As you age, your body naturally decreases the production of nitric oxide which acts as a chemical messenger, a vasodilator which causes relaxation of smooth muscle. Smooth muscle around the arteries in your penis must relax to increase blood flow; this is essential for an erection to occur. Difficulty producing enough nitric oxide naturally is one of the many causes of ED.

Do L-arginine supplements actually help treat ED? Research from over 20 years ago suggests that they do. A 1999 study published in the journal BJU International showed that men given high doses of L-arginine had "significant subjective improvement in sexual function" after taking the supplement for six weeks. In 2003, a study published in the Journal of Sexual and Marital Therapy supported this result; after a three-month trial using L-arginine, 93% of men in the study achieved normal erections.

But more recently, science discovered a natural and potent vasodilation that were able to make L-Arginine a thing of the past. After many years of research and clinical trials conducted by Kyolab Laboratories' scientists in Brazil demonstrated that 400mg dose of the organic Açai Seed Extract can cause up to 100% vasodilation (blood vessel dilation). Compared to L-arginine, this means 20 times more potency. Just to have an idea, L-Arginine causes only a 5% Increase in vasodilation with 7,000mg dosage.

Açai is the number one antioxidant in the world amongst fruits and its pulp is widely consumed in the US as food or in form of powder supplements and capsules. Compared to the pulp, the Acaí seed has proven to have at least 50 times higher concentration of Polyphenols, a compound that we get through plant-based foods and are packed with antioxidants.

The açai seed was found to be a life changing ingredient in improving blood circulation and all factors related to the Metabolic Syndrome, including obesity and ED. So, if you are considering L-Arginine for improving blood flow, now you have a 20 times better option to consider. The first and only açai seed extract supplement sold in the US is distributed by Power Seed Açai and can be found at their website www.powerseedacai.com

Have a better and healthier life!

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